Waitin' for the Movers

Sitting outside — in the unseasonably cold weather — waiting for the moving truck to show up. Originally, they were due in this morning, but they're loading someone else up first (which doesn't bode well for leisurely drive across country). The timing was pretty good, as we still had plenty of miscellaneous things to still be packing. Just when you think you're done, you find something you missed, and start one last box. That happened probably about 5-6 times.

But the advance team showed up around 9:15, a surprise to us, to pack up the breakables and electronics that we're having them do. And then they did the inventory, at 112 boxes (including the 11 they did). We found 4 more after.

Had been planning an entry for the past few nights, on all the nice last evenings we've had out with friends these past few days. Mary treated us to a wonderful night out at Jaleo (probably our favorite in the area) on Saturday. Sunday, we broke for lunch at Pho 75 for a little of the beef broth that's good for whatever ails you. Our local comics creators group treated us to a couple beers at Dr. Dremo's at the monthly meeting, and Dori came all the way down from New Jersey to visit that night. Monday night, Olde Town Fencing saw me off in their usual fashion, after practice at the Fish Market, with a killer chocolate cake. Bob and Claire treated us to some crab cakes on Tuesday, and Sean stopped by in the late evening for a visit. Wednesday, snuck in a quick lunch with Raphael, and in the evening Simone took us out and took our remaining plants. And last night, out for pizza with Tim — and Rob, who made it possible for me to move down here 13 years ago by taking me in as a roommate.

In between, it's been packing. Lots and lots of packing. And running around doing errands. Including a frustrating drive to drop Monica's car, an hour out there when it should've been half that. And the likely loss of some sweaters at the dry cleaners (a good record for 10 years — and blew it at the end). Tiring and crazy.

But it will be over soon. If the movers ever show up.

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