Past the Halfway Point

Day 3:
Nashville, TN to Little Rock, TN AR
approximately 357 miles

Wrote two entries about Nashville earlier while on the road, posted below. We're on the outskirts of Little Rock (apparently, things are hopping in town; a bunch of hotels are booked), resting in the hotel room. A pretty easy day, that started out on a high note in Nashville. We headed out to Memphis around 11:00, discovering along the way that our first choice for lunch, Rendezvous, didn't open 'til dinner. So we adjusted our course to Corky's for a late lunch — really, in Memphis, there is no bad choice for ribs. A regular rack of ribs, dry, with sweet tea, and all was right with the world. Our time was limited, but Tennessee sure treated us well.

Now that we're getting a handle on our travel time, readjusted our schedule, and thought we'd try for Hot Springs, but decided on Little Rock when that seemed like it was unnecessarily ambitious. With temperatures in the 80s when we arrived, and a long couple days, we opted to stay in. Because of the generosity of Sherry and Oma in stocking us with food, we have plenty to eat.


Sherry said...

Aw... you really really left us. Continue to travel safe and get set up quickly so we can come visit! Vegas was a blast and we thought of you everytime we passed "the king's" chapel of love!

andy said...

one correction. Little Rock is actually in arkansas. After all, it's my home town.

andy said...

if you made it to corky's, you should gone another couple miles into Germantown and hit the commisary.

plenty good bbq in and around little rock, too.

Mel said...

I LOVE you guys!!!..you had sweet tea...sigh...I love the mental picture of the golfball doing America.

Anonymous said...

I was once in Memphis for a conference hosted by some of my friends at FedEx. They took us to their five favorite barbecue restaurants. In four days. Turns out, there actually is one way to go wrong with Memphis barbecue.