My parents just passed through town with their friend (and former neighbor when I was growing up) Sandy on their way up to a week-long vacation at Ojo Caliente. They've been going there for years, and on their recommendation, that's we headed after our wedding to recover. They took Sandy out last fall; they all had such a great time they'd scheduled this trip even before our move was set.

On Saturday, we had a flurry of last-minute unpacking to get it all as set as it was going to be for their visit. Pretty much everything's unpacked except for the books and the artwork; those have all been shoved into the corners, and we'll work on those sometime. But the furniture is all set up, and we can finally move about the apartment.

Mom & Dad treated us to brunch at Zia Diner. We hope to make it up to Ojo later this week, and meet up again with them to kick around Santa Fe on Thursday. On the way out, made a stop and picked up a little bamboo shade and rigged it up on the patio; that afternoon sun can be kind of brutal. We'll see how it works.

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