For Halloween: Disembodied Head in a Box!

New fencing mask's arrived, greatly diminishing the chance of facial injury due to failure of my 10-plus-year-old one. An investment, but I think worth it.

James'll be over for dinner tonight and to assist with the Halloween hordes.


Following up on a conversation with Andy …

… from months ago, it occurred to me to search for this: Greyhound versus sports car. With the home track advantage, not really a fair race — but, still 40 MPH in less than a minute? As we noted to the guy we met on dog walk tonight, that's why she's never off leash out in the open.


Andy and Liz

So, it's been a while. Spent a weekend in there getting the recovered from Mozy — it worked out ultimately, but was more work and more stressful that it needed. But luckily there was a nice Sunday night party at La Choza, thrown by J+J.

The usual weekly goings-on, the following weekend was still waiting for old data and new computer, so I refereed at a youth competition at NMFF and Monica went to the GCNM gathering, where all the other houndies were in costume. Finished out the weekend with yard chores, mostly of the ending-of-the-season and closing-up-the-house variety.

Been restoring the computer this week and this weekend, just about everything is back; spent some time figuring out that, I think, however Mozy stores data does not agree with how Quicken stores data. But there still might be hope. More house and yard chores, Monica harvesting the green tomatoes (which are right now becoming chutney). A little get-together with Stacy and Jim to visit and deliver the Rula calendars.

Also? Now there's snow up on the mountains. Just a bit, but still.


So, couple weeks ago, Andy and Liz. Which started with that Friday. Saturday, up to finish cleaning up and make it to Santa Fe Airport for their 11:30-ish arrival.

At that point, they'd been going for almost 12 hours, so headed back to the house to visit and rest for a bit before going downtown. Strolled the Plaza, ducked into the Palace to see Tom printing up posters, checked out the exhibits. Fortified ourselves and then continued on through the stores before heading home to prepare for an evening at Secreto.


Passed a couple fun hours with Chris concocting for us, then to pick up some snacks at Flying Star — where we got to see the stormtrooper stopping by what looked like a wedding reception — then home to call it a night.

After a leisurely breakfast back at Flying Star, to Tesuque Flea Market; a friend had recommended it to Liz, and it'd be a while since we'd been. The weather had turned Friday, but it was still a beautiful, unseasonably warm autumn day. Good to be outside and there were some finds.

I'd declared Sunday culture day, so we set off to Museum Hill, first MIAC, where I haven't been in probably over a year. Snacks, and then on to Folk Art. That big Girard collection is overwhelming, the days had been long, so one can be forgiven for needing a break. Back home where Monica tackled the sudden plumbing problem in the guest sink, I worked up (probably the last for the season) grilling. We did eventually wind up with some time to sit and visit, moving outside to enjoy the evening by the fire pit.

Monday, confirmed that the month-long construction that started in July out at Tent Rocks was still keeping it closed.

So started out at the traditional pre-hike Santa Fe Baking Company, then up to the Ski Basin. Lift to the top, where, again, surprised at how warm it still was.

View was amazing, with some of the aspens turned, some turning, some still green, making for a beautiful tableau. We headed further up a bit, then down the mountain. Snagged some fish tacos at California Pastrami, rested up, and then to the bath we'd reserved at Ten Thousand Waves for some soaking at sunset and under the stars. Warm, relaxed, our quest for a "late"-night dining option got us to Cowgirl.

Tuesday, for the first time we actually managed to be ready to go before our guests. Because they were packing. To the Tuesday Farmers Market to smell the roasting chiles and check out the scene. Breakfast at Zia, then off to Canyon Road. We parked at the top and strolled the galleries there, checking out the things that interested us. Heading back, ducked into Mirador Gallery — which turned out to be an unexpected find. A great owner, a fun vibe, a really cool ring for Liz, and some espresso. Put us in the right mood for a little snack at El Farol before heading out. Andy and Mon saw Liz off at Santa Fe Airport while I attempted to attend to some police business. And then we brought Andy to Albuquerque, by way of some pizza, to go off to his conference in Phoenix.


Those thunderstorms Wednesday night …

… were a little bit of snow up in the mountains. Might've slept through it, but, luckily, the dog made sure we knew about the thunder. (Baldy, with more snow, obscured by that cloud there)

And, speaking of herself, birthday Tuesday:


Nice dinner out with J+J on Wednesday. And data's arrived and, near as we can figure, is all there. Some things are more difficult to reassemble than others — iTunes back, but Quicken continues to elude.

More later. Including that Liz and Andy visit post.


This Time Last Week

Up at the Santa Fe Ski Basin. More of a post to come later about Andy + Liz's visit, but it looks like they did catch the last really nice, warm autumn weekend.

In other news, computer data's due in this week. Feeling better that we have it all, but we'll see.


Gallery on Wheels

(Originally supposed to be posted last Friday, October 1; replacement camera cable arrived, so here you go, in all its outdated glory.)

Wednesday, Axle Contemporary parked its mobile gallery outside my office.

Sounds like some interesting stuff they've got planned for the next few months.

Andy and Liz arrive tomorrow — and, as KSFR noted this morning, the unseasonably warm weather ends today. Been 80s during the day, clear, for a couple weeks now. This weekend calls for 60s and a chance of rain. Though, as I told Andy, until the chance gets above 50%, you don't alter plans; but clouds and wind, well, that might change something.

Meanwhile, down in Albuquerque, they'll be making comics for 24 hours. Chuck will be blogging about it.


Brief Update

An awesome time with Andy and Liz, days of culture, hiking, plumbing, shopping, and much eating. Post and pictures will likely follow later, along with that post I wrote but was waiting to download the photos from the camera, when I receive the replacement cable.

Liz's return went about as well as can be expected, but Andy got stuck for about three hours at the airport. Hopefully that makes their stay with us seem that much better.

A long evening with the folks at Mozy because of some technical problems with restoring the computer's data, but they've got 234 GB of it, which is hopefully everything. They're working to get it to me so an enthusiastic endorsement may follow.

Brief update to the update: they're claiming delays and problems because of the server maintenance, so still withholding that endorsement.



I guess, technically burglarized, since we weren't there.

Yeah, this blog pretty much covers the highlights, the fun stuff we do in Santa Fe. But the dark side of this town is unavoidable — and we became a statistic today.

The desktop computer, speakers, and external hard drive; the SLRs; the old digital camera; some pieces of jewelry. The laptop; iPod; and new digital were with me, though the cord to it to connect the computer was not. If I've set everything up right — and this is a Hell of a way to test it — all the data from the desktop should be backed up offsite. A lot of things were overlooked but, let's face it, we don't have much of value.

Right now it's the frustration and the cleaning up; most drawers were pulled and tossed. When I first got home, there were a few minutes of real panic when the dog was nowhere to be found; eventually, calming, it occurred to me that it was odd that the spare bedroom door was closed when everything else in the house was opened. There she was, and we were able to summon back our neighbors who were out searching. In those first hours, that helped give us perspective.

And just over 12 hours until Andy and Liz arrive.