The Good News Is

There's a new donut shop in town, and it's by the Chocolatesmith folks. We stopped by Whoo's Donuts for their open house and sampled the bacon/chile/eclair treat, and now we've got a couple others waiting for dessert.

I miss real donuts. When last I was in Connecticut, turns out all the old bakeries are gone.

Andy, we'll be stopping by here at least once.


A Visit

From Koo Koo, with her people Stacy and Jim. She's settling in well in her new home, and last night, settled into ours for a visit. By this time, our dog had just wandered off to another room to sleep.


1209 Miles, 843 Photos

Back home, by way of Four Corners (above).


Chippy Messing Up Our Timed Photo

Though we did finally get it. And then one at the park sign on the way out, just before the real downpour started.


In Arches

In Moab right now, but were in Arches National Park this morning. Started out in Durango on Saturday, we'll be here another day and then further south into Utah.


Signs of Autumn:

1. Cool enough to take the dog on a hike …

Dropped from the weeks of near-record heat to pretty cool yesterday. Mostly because of the clouds that, luckily. held their rain until we got home.

2. where the aspens are turning

The first sign of color up in the mountains.

3. A new birthday tshirt from Monica

She did the drawing this time, too.

4. Indian Market

A few weeks back; I biked over to catch the last hours.

5. Wildflowers blooming

And blocking the path to the back yard.

6. Jamie's annual gallery show

Traditional Jamie In Front Of His Painting portrait here.

7. Asking for Zozobra donations

You saw this, right?

8. Hummingbirds passing through

Not at our house. We haven't refilled the feeder since putting it out over a month ago. This is at Jim + Stacy's.

9. The arrival of the summer monsoons

Wait, what? The last month's more than quadrupled our annual rainfall. Still not even halfway to where we should be.

10. Bubonicon

Which we skipped this year, but Pete took pictures.

11. Anniversary evening out

Started with Chris lighting Monica's drink on fire.

12. Doing one giant post wrapping up the past weeks' worth of activities.


it's that time again...

Anyone who wants to send us any gloom to have burned at Zozobra, get that stuff in the mail to us asap! The burninating is September 8!