Afternoon of Words

The New Mexico History Museum, as a part of the spectacular St. John's Bible exhibit, presented Barry Moser and John Benson in a talk and demonstration today.

I recognized Moser — as you probably will too, if you click that link — kind of knowing and recognizing his work, but not really that knowledgable about it. Benson, a stonecarver … I think I was confusing with someone else.

After the usual introductions, two short movies were played — Moser's, an excerpt from a documentary about his Caxton Bible; Benson's, one that "focused on the work" from the late '70s. The former was a tight overview, actually answering a lot of the questions that pop into your head about something like that. The latter … was kind of hypnotic, with the attention paid to the chiseling of letters out of stone. It looked easy.

Then, in an experiment, they each then demonstrated their skills for the crowd. And proved themselves to be terrific performers, engaging, wry, humorous, inspiring masters of their craft.

Truly an experience to see people so thoroughly devoted to their art.

Also, both New Englanders. Benson, by birth, and totally informed by growing up studying the tombstones of Newport (which looked so much like those of my hometown). Moser, by way of a Baptist Southern upbringing, in his documentary, mentioned finishing having grinders with a friend.

Monica was working, making fonts to upload to YourFonts for their National Handwriting Day promotion. Which, given the inspiration I got today, I need to get going on myself.


I Don't Want to Say "Only in Santa Fe," But …

… at the main branch of the library downtown today, I'd just paid 25¢ to park (no, that's not the "only in Santa Fe" part … it's in a central location in a busy spot, but, yes, how many other major city public libraries charge for parking, even a token amount?), and returned to my car to place the ticket and get my bag.

Entering the building, there were two women at the parking kiosk. As I passed, one turned to me and asked, "would you like a bookmark?" She held out a selection of about 6 for me.

I liked the red beret.


Recent Activities

I spent another great afternoon with James, working up some letterpress prints. Plan is to fire up an Etsy store with this and some more of his work soon.

Mon was with Stacy taping another Mouth of Wonder (spotlight on: waffles!). That's on this Saturday at 10:30 MST, or catch it on the web site or iTunes.


From the Collection


On display now at the Wethersfield Historical Society, a couple pieces my grandfather made in the "Wethersfield Woodworking" exhibit.

AAAV (Another Artist Alley Video)

I spent Friday at the 7000 BC table at the Albuquerque Comic Con, in its new location south of the city at Hard Rock Casino. It was slow, as most Fridays are, so I again set the camera to "continuous" and ran through Artist Alley.

Photos at Flickr; give it a couple days, I hope to add some from Pete, ones that don't look like they were photographed through fog (what's up with that?).


learning Google Sketchup

I thought I'd try to visualize what it would look like to get rid of our china cabinet and add some built-in (storage) seating in its place.

Now all I need is a banco, some expensive Eames chairs, a swanky drum pendant light, a new rug, and a Shaker table. Easy peasy!


Trying to Wake the Dog on a Winter's Morning

Not visible in the video: teeth.