Serendipitous Sunday

Sunday was kind of an odd day. Once we knew the delivery wasn't coming, we were free. But having spent so many of the last few weeks rushing around in panic, didn't really know quite what to do with ourselves.

Monica did some cleaning, I did some kitchen restocking and sorting though all our travel stuff. We went ahead caught up on our receipts and other financials. The time change still has us off, and we were dragging by the afternoon. But decided that we should do something fun, and so just headed downtown to the Plaza. And there, just walked around, soaking it all in.

And then headed to Bert's la Taqueria, a favorite. Closed on Sunday. So, to Tiny's which Kathy introduced us to. Also closed on Sunday. Lacking any other ideas, to Zia Diner. Which, as it turns out, was pretty much just what we needed — as much as we like the others, a dinner salad outside worked out well.

Just up the street, with a few minutes to spare, decided to check on the hours of the local comic shop. Walked up to the door and saw the "Comic Creators Meeting" sign, and our gaze was met from within. And so joined in on the monthly meeting of local comics creators. A diverse bunch, but had a great time hearing stories, swapping ideas, and finding a new bunch to hang with. Had to head out before it all wrapped up, still on East Coast time. But the serendipity of it all really got to us . . . since Bert's was closed we would we tried Tiny's but that was closed, and so went to Zia and that woke us up enough to wander by True Believers and hooked up with this group . . .


andy said...

Is seredipity a fancy word for geek magnetism ?

monica said...