Cadillac Ranch

On I-40 west of Amarillo, in the middle of a field (access is from the frontage road on the south side of the Interstate, by the way), are ten, half-buried Caddys. It is the Cadillac Ranch. The cars are buried at the same angle as the Cheops pyramid in Egypt. Ah, conceptual art!

Apparently, suburban sprawl forced the whole shebang to be moved further west a few years ago. It really needs the space. I can't imagine it would be nearly as fun surrounded by a bunch of condos. Maybe they'll just keep moving it.

Our friend Claire — who has family from Amarillo — remembers when the cars were first buried and they were still their original showroom colors. Over the years, they've been grafitti-ed over, which seems to be encouraged. There's a mini dumpster for the empty spray cans by the gate, and the whole thing is apparently repainted a single color every few years now, to give visitors a fresh start to make their mark. Of course, we did our bit too.

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