M&D In SF, Pt. III: The Plaza and Beyond

Cooler today, the unusual highs of the 90s the past few days gave way, after some wind last night, to a cloudy and cooler morning.

M&D and Sandy met us at our place around 10, and we turned around and headed to the Plaza. M&D were on a mission to get some presents for folks back in Connecticut and to squander my inheritance. Circled a few stores, then headed to the Indian vendors at the Palace of the Governors. Always a selection of some beautiful art and jewelry, and Mom found a few pieces. They were already kind of New Mexico food-ed out, so passed up on The Shed in favor of their usual Santa Fe lunch spot, Geronimo. Over on Canyon Road, a respectable walk. They had their favorite, elk, Sandy joined them, and Monica and I had a terrific pork chop.

We headed back in, to a store in the newish Arcade that we had walked by. Amber jewelry, like an amber/turquoise necklace I had bought Mom for Christmas a couple years back at the Tesuque Pueblo Flea Market. As it turns out, not only was it the same vendor, but she remembered me. What followed was a kind of madcap, crowded shopping experience as Mom and Sandy kept exploring, finding, and seeking out matching pieces.

Dad, Monica and I left them behind and tried to seek out the Skeleton Art Gallery, something we had run across last fall, and really enjoyed (especially the work by Laura Brink. Seems to have moved. So we proceeded directly to Keshi, which has an amazing assortment of Zuni fetishes. Janie took us there a few years back, introduced us to the owner. We since have returned time and again for presents, a piece for us, and to just marvel at the collection. Dad found an interesting piece by a favorite (of ours, M&D's and apparently, Keshi's), Salvador Romero, who creates rougher, more abstract pieces. He'd been in that morning, and dropped of the piece that Dad found, unusual because it "bound" together two different animals.

Mom and Sandy found us, after hitting the turquoise shop across from the amber shop. We drove to The Spanish Table on the way out, where Sandy found some painted plates to round out a decorating plan she had. Then, sent them on their way back to Ojo.

Still no photos. And not for lack of a camera.

After our return, we met our across the hall neighbors, who took delivery of a package for us. The "bike tree" for the office, to store our bikes. Assembled, set up — it makes me a bit more nervous than I thought it would. It did inspire us to head out to rob and charlie's bike shop, to get Monica's tuned up and new, more road-friendly tires installed.

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andy said...

I hope you're collecting fees for all the traffic you're driving to local web sites. Skeleton museum very cool.