Leaving Las Vegas

Well, actually, leaving for Las Vegas (New Mexico). Per Joa's suggestion, we took the scenic route: NM 104 from Tucumcari to Las Vegas. She was right, great views, beautiful drive. Below, a photo that just doesn't do it justice.

Stopped at this place in Las Vegas for coffee and carbs. Neat space that used to be the El Dorado Hotel. They're still finishing the buildout, and didn't quite have their business license approval yet. The proprietress told us we were drinking illicit coffee. Hee hee! Upstairs, an also-in-progress bookstore, where Bram picked up (at my urging) Devil in the White City which is about the serial killer active during the Chicago World's Fair.

Here's a cowgirl pinup mural for your enjoyment:

A view from I-25, heading into Santa Fe. Still snow up in the mountains.

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