Happy Birthday, Now Go Shovel 8" of Snow

Big winter storm due Friday predicted — with 100% for last night — to bring a few inches of snow. As of bedtime last night, still nothing; awaking around 2:00 a.m., could see the glow from the several inches that had already accumulated. Mon had us up and shoveling in the "feels like 7°" at 8:00 to get out for Nerd Brunch.

Driveway and sidewalks cleared, I took Cheyenne out for her morning walk — she insisted on visiting some shoveling neighbors, but that worked out 'cause it delayed the start long enough that we ran into Helen and Lola starting out on their walk. Dogs enjoyed a great deal, humans as well.

Good turnout; the Canadians were loving this weather. Even as we sat and lingered, the sun started to come out and the snow tapered off.

Roads still packed and/or unplowed and/or slushy; inching our way home, Monica looks in the rearview: "Great. Is that a loose dog?" The collecting and temporary storing of escaped pets is a not-uncommon occurrence here.

Sigh. "Pull over; continue on to the house, I'll go get it." I get out and turn around, seeing it for the first time. "That's not a dog."


Craigslist haiku

Cone collar cedar
wood flooring tile saw bike seat
(Santa Fe) Free stuff!


Monica Onstage with Paul and Storm Last Week

We goofed off last Saturday after errands* and the 7000 BC meeting. Went to Paul and Storm — who we remember from Da Vinci's Notebook — at the Cocteau, where Mon got called up on stage for act II of Frogger: The Frogger Musical. Much laughter all night long.

* including getting new jeans; the 517s (basic model, but boot cut) had been discontinued, though still in demand in Santa Fe. I tried their replacement Slim Boot Cut, but, even still fitting in a 32x34, I couldn't get in them.