14th: Network Hardware

Tuesday's internet upgrade went … not exactly according to plan. The (no-going-back) switch was flipped, and the modem we were told would work didn't.



Talking With Mr. Fleming

I was partnered with teacher Tyler Fleming a few years back when I volunteered in Citizen Schools' "citizen teacher" program. I just did the one semester, teaching comics making as part of the extended learning day, but it's safe to say that working with him was pretty much my teacher training.

Tyler was enthusiastic, inspiring, committed to helping students realize their potential — and as he's continued his teaching career, has only become moreso. At his Movement Hive, he's documenting his experiences and talking with others about theirs, teaching and learning. We'd got back in touch recently, as Tyler's starting a new job and designing a new curriculum for what sounds like a phys ed class like no other, and he invited me on his podcast.

Our conversation's posted here, both audio-only and video, about 45 minutes long. We talked about the power of storytelling and narrative, teaching something physical in an increasingly digital world, the importance of process, and more. Tyler's got a great take on education, happy we got to reconnect.


Drawing the Opera

Um, wow, over a week ago on a beautiful Thursday evening, we went to the dress rehearsal for Vanessa at Santa Fe Opera. Of course, one simply must tailgate.

Members of 7000 BC were invited to draw the performance as a part of their "opera meets art" initiative. Was in the back of my head, but luckily Jeff remembered in time for the last rehearsal and arranged it all. Turned out to be a great choice — Vanessa is generally described as being heavily influenced by Seven Gothic Tales, but this production was more film noir-influenced. A minimal set, limited color palette, evocative lighting design made it really visual.

We had great seats, space to spread out. Rehearsal made an even more relaxed, casual atmosphere. The setting itself, of course, is just amazing.

Jeff was there, ran into an Albuquerque-based artist he knew, and Israel joined us with a giant drawing pad. Even I filled a few pages with gesture drawings and notes.

Turned out be an amazing way to experience the opera. In, say, the same way that taking notes at a lecture focuses your attention, I think I wound up concentrating more on the performance. Hopefully again next season.


At the Feeder

The hummingbird feeder sat empty too long, so filled it up last Sunday. By Tuesday, it was empty — that's about 1 cup of nectar. Filled it up again.

For most of Wednesday, this ruby-throated was trying to trying to chase everyone else off.

Stupid auto-focus.