New Muffler

Luckily the folks over at Meineke were able to put on a new muffler for me this morning. Only took about an hour, so we've got some time to spend around here before hitting the road.

Yesterday, in the car, finally got to start on Travels With Charley, (recommended by Scott when he learned I was driving cross-country) and read a little more this morning. Only about a third of the way in, but it makes me want to go on a road trip — and I'm already on one. It's pretty amazing and entertaining how many of Steinbeck's observations still hold true, even though this was written more than 40 years ago. Though there are still a few amusing anachronisms.


Mel said...

Wow - that must be some book...now that I have sworn off air travel - at least until the proverbial "selective memory" kicks in and I forget my last experience, like the pain of childbirth - so a road trip sounds yummy...but by the time we got back my home would be merely a giant trellis for the evil porcelain berry vine threatening to engulf Milford in its entirety...one lawn at a time.

monica said...

Mel, maybe you could come back with some kudzu and watch the 2 vines duke it out!