Day 1:
Arlington, VA to Cary, NC
approximately 303 miles

After the final cleanup, carpet shampooing, packing the Golf, saying goodbye again to our neighbors (who were surprisingly sprightly after — we hear — enjoying tequila shots until 2:00 am), and a quick sandwich lunch, we hit the road at about 12:40 pm. Got to my grandparents' house in Cary almost exactly 5 hours later. Traffic not too bad, but man, is that stretch of I-95 and I-85 boring!

Oma made us a fantastic dinner of steaks on the grill (plus broccoli, carrots, peas, potatoes, sauted mushrooms) and dessert of lemon poppyseed cake with strawberries and whipped cream. I'm so full I can barely type.

Bram showed Opa our blog after dinner and made sure it was added to his "Favorites" list:

We'll head out in the morning after rush hour — Oma says I-40 is a killer with the traffic.


Ms. P said...

where are you!!!! love you both, drive careful, M

gary said...

nice picture...but no hearing aid?

monica said...

ja . . . ja . . . ha ha ha!