Papa's Got a Brand-old Bag

Jamey found me this on eBay … I think he was embarrassed of my 30-ish-year-old, torn-and-restitched-together, gaffer-taped-up Santelli fencing bag.

Seems to be a bit over 10 years old. It wasn't 'til a couple years back that I learned that Santelli — my preferred equipment provider since I started fencing — had just … kind of disappeared around '04. But every so often something like this comes along, and I add another item of obsolete gear.


"… it's too dark to read."

Or: How We Spent Our Fourth Of July.

The dog was clearly not right on Tuesday night. By then, of course, the only option was the emergency vet.* She threw up on the way over, justifying our trip; we then sat there until 1:30 AM to hear that, yes, something was wrong, it probably wasn't immediately life-threatening, she was a bit dehydrated (having given up on eating and drinking hours before). She seemed better, we were tired, we took her back with us.

And returned first thing on the Fourth. More waiting, more tests, we agreed to let her stay there overnight, hooked to IVs, feeding her fluids and anti-nausea meds. At a visit in the evening, her aloof demeanor kind of broke — it was obvious, for once, that she actually preferred having us around. It wasn't a particularly restful night for us, but the call came in Thursday morning from the vet that Cheyenne was eating and "she's letting us know she wants to go home."

So, who knows what it was? Whatever, it was compounded by the dehydration. And now we have some very expensive pictures of her insides.


The apricots continue to ripen and drop. Regular excursions to pick and clean up are keeping things kind of under control; Stacy, luckily, is just accepting them by the box- and bag-ful. We'd be done for otherwise.


Actually went to, for the first time, Folk Art Market today. It was really, really, really crowded. Manageable, but still the kind of crowded that meant you couldn't actually see anything, really. A shame, there was some beautiful work.


And took a side trip to pick up these posters to start hanging this week. James and I are aiming to start printing posters for local events, musicians, and artists. The logical course seemed to be to print and hang posters on local bulletin boards.

* Probably not making it clear, but all the folks at the Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center are awesome — receptionists, vet techs, vets.


We were on the radio again, and then went to Omega Mart.

Yesterday, we did another live Mouth of Wonder — among other things, as a public service to all the others overrun with apricots, offered some recipes.

And then, Omega Mart — the latest installation from Meow Wolf — was having its opening.


And you may note it looks rainy there … we actually had a couple hours of light, steady showers yesterday.