New Year's

Not pictured: dog.

Happy one, everybody.

The Tree, Christmas

For years, I resisted getting a tree in our little apartment in Arlington. When we moved to the condo, Monica prevailed; the first year, decorating with P+T was, I think, the origin of the traditional Christmas Tree Decorating Trader Vic's Mai Tai.

But the decorating aesthetic, that was a point of contention — simple and elegant or a haphazard mishmash of the assorted ornaments acquired over the years? I was a proponent of the latter and, once Monica made it Connecticut for Christmas one year and experienced Joan and Ken's tree, she saw the light.

For as long as I can remember, they've had an impossibly large tree that dominates a corner of their house, pressing against the ceiling and spilling out into the room. And it's covered, covered with decades of ornaments of all shapes and sizes. It makes for a giant, warm, family Christmas display. Since then, our quest was for Joan-and-Ken-ness in our (definitely smaller) tree, and they've been happy to help by providing ornaments.

So, then, that first year we had Cheyenne, we finally left her alone after about a week. Just for an hour or so to go out to dinner. And when we returned, she'd pulled a bunch of ornaments off the tree and "collected" them. To this day, she still collects things, bringing them to her bed in the bedroom, giving them a few chews, and leaving them. When it's socks, or fabric, or those Envirosax (she loves those), it's not really a big deal. Glass ornaments, or ones with pins or made of wood — that's reason for worry. We undecorated the tree immediately that night.

And last year, wondering what to do, never really quite got around to making a decision about having a tree. This year, we did buy one and, wondering if we should pull out some ornaments, put up the lights and garland. And by then, it was late and the tree looked just fine and bright and safe for houndies. And so it stood this year, but for a couple of Joan and Ken's recent ornaments, a photo of their tree from last year, and a few birds Monica made, to watch over our celebrations.


M+D arrived into Santa Fe Airport last Tuesday afternoon; Monica was off for a few days to bake last week, but I was working.

Christmas Eve we spent catching up on stuff and preparing for the coming days; after a visit to deliver cupcakes, M+D headed back out for the Farolito Walk. Ribs for dinner, then Jon and Susanne joined us to help with all the cookies that Monica baked and M brought.

Christmas day began with pastries from Clafoutis, presents mostly of the warm and fuzzy clothing variety (and a skunk fetish to commemorate the year), and a dog walk. Then over to Stacy and Jim's for Christmas dinner with Bernice. Who made Cheyenne a sweater!

A good time, wonderful dinner (the pheasant came to the table as breasts, no beaks in sight) and dessert, a lot of fun visiting. And some planning for our taping of Mouth of Wonder on Monday — which took some extra work, because it's an extra half-hour.

Sunday, we headed out for brunch at Tesuque Village Market and then, at J+J's suggestion, to Ohkay Owingeh for the Turtle Dance there. Been years since we'd gone to the dances and with actual activities on Christmas, made more sense to go the following day. Over an hour there, in the warm day, following the lines of dancers as they moved around the town square. Home to rest up for a soak, and then dinner.

Monday, we recorded the show — listen in to hear our favorite Web foodie sites, my interview with Stacy, and M and Stacy planning out brunch. You can tune in to 101.1 FM or catch the stream this Saturday, 10:00 MST.

Tuesday, we checked out the History Museum and spent some time with the amazing documents at Threads of Memory. Posole for dinner.

Wednesday, M+D got delayed flying out SFE because of poor visibility with the incoming storm; cleared enough that they were still able to get out and make their (also delayed) connection and get home. We headed out to Secreto with Rob for some visiting.

Yesterday and today held a lot of loafing, kicked off by all sleeping in as the snow fell yesterday morning. Starting Wednesday night, accumulation was 4-5"; subfreezing temps have made for some nasty going out there. Piled on the long underwear; dog got two jackets for this morning's walk.

Planning on reading the whole 100 Bullets straight through (in anticipation of adding it to this year's top ten) sitting in front of a fire, a quiet evening in. Jon and Susanne over tomorrow. That's the plan.


sit. stay. beg for votes!

So, Spoonflower, yes? Fabric of the week contest, remember? This week, it's Dogs (no cats allowed).

My pattern is made from a I sketch did years ago of P + T's dear, (now) departed dog Annie. She had a little stump tail (the Wagometer) and she would wag it while doing her downward- and upward-facing dog stretches. She was great little dog, and I miss her. ♥ ♥ ♥

All the designs appear in random order, so you'll probably have to page through a few screens (there are 8 total) before seeing mine. You can vote for as many or as few designs as you like (not just mine) by clicking on the images you like best. A green box will appear around the design(s) you select for voting. You submit all your votes on the last page. Any and all votes are appreciated!

UPDATE: Nanners made the top ten! Thanks to everyone who voted!


Snow started yesterday, but wasn't until late afternoon that it started sticking. This morning, looked to be about 5" on the ground, the Ski Basin's reporting 14". This really the first precipitation of any kind we've had since that little dusting at the beginning of November.

I'm taking today off and, running errands about an hour ago, the snow's let up and already melting. By Sunday, forecast is calling for a chance of showers, it's going to be so warm.


confidential to Melanie

Hi sweetie! It was great to hear your voice on the ol' answering machine. BUT, we don't have caller ID so I don't know what number you called from, and I'm not sure I still have your (old?) phone number... Drop me an email (or a comment here) with your deets so we can chat! :) xoxo Gossip Girl


Checking Who's Naughty and Who's Nice

Working on the Christmas card list on the train, returning from the monthly 7000 BC meeting. In North Carolina this past week for press check, where it was colder (like, record-setting colder) than in Santa Fe.


Area Dog is Calendar Girl

If you were to want, say, a calendar featuring a whole bunch of Greyhounds you've never even heard of, and a couple of photos of one that you may have read about (or even met) featured in the snow and sleeping, you could check out the 2011 Greytalk calendar.