Lots of driving

Day 2:
Cary, NC to Nashville, TN
approximately 540 miles (we are keeping track of actual mileage, just forgetting to note before posting)

Woof. A long day. Decided to push thru to Nashville. Left Oma + Opa's around 9:30 am (Eastern) and arrived in Nashville about 5:30 pm (Central). In between was pretty uneventful except for the section of I-40 thru the Smoky Mountains. Crazy, winding (for an interstate), but the scenery was pretty spectacular. The trees on the upper ridges hadn't even leafed out yet.

Dinner on Broadway in Nashville at a nice local microbrewery down by the river.

Some photos from the day: tunnel on I-40 in the Smoky Mountains, the sign for the mini-mart at the BP/Amoco where we stopped to get gas, and an uninspiring view of the Nashville skyline.

(That last skyscraper on the right is the BellSouth building. Were the architects smoking crack while watching Batman when they came up with that design?)

Not pictured (too slow with the camera): exit sign for "Frozen Head State Park" and the billboard advertising the "Bible Outlet Center." What? Factory seconds? "Dang! Thou shalt not kill!"


Anonymous said...

That KenJo picture is frighteningly interesting.. yet horribly racist..

Mel said...

Hey Y'all! We're home - and found a package made all the more promising by its being addressed in the Bram & Mon signature lettering style...we were excited - by it and by being home. Loving your trip diary...FL was okay - Jeff & Jamey's new house/pool/pool-guesthouse were awesome...Mon, I was peeing over the garden, seriously (though not in the pool...that would just be wrong..) Weather was great - Mom was happy & surprised - Daddy thought it was (a) Halloween; (b) I was a cat (actually a picture of me)...sigh...and Em was seriously harassed by the airport security in WPB...but, all in all, I'm very happy to be back in my own abode, with my own cat and my own scary wierdness...Love you both and miss you more the further West you travel...

Anonymous said...

That's Music City, all right. The Bell South building looks like Scooby-Doo to me.


dadm said...

Actually the "Bible Outlet Center" is a well known C&W hangout (both kinds of music) for all those unknown sinner-songwriters.
(We big C&W fans know all that stuff!)
Glad you're doing well on your "eat your way across America" tour.

andy said...


my favorite micro brewery around Nashvile

Deb said...

Don't forget to actively look for more UNINTENTIONAL Sequential Art on the road. We're counting on you to keep the good search up.

I love Nashville, by the way. Hope you've gotten lots out of it.