Morning in Santa Fe

After a ridiculously early bedtime, began the morning with some tea out on the patio. The air, comfortably cool, but the sun was warming; a riot of birds and a glimpse of the mountain — I think that patio's going to go a long way to offset any of the apartment's shortcomings.

Monica, feeling ambitious, has headed out to Target for supplies. In case the mover calls, someone needs to be here (the answering machine's on the truck), so I volunteered. A few more cups of tea, some bread and fruit — all courtesy of Janie and Joa, accompanied a little reading in the The Annual Manual to see what we've gotten ourselves into.

Janie and Joa stopped by last evening, bringing us some much-welcomed food, utensils, and necessities, and a housewarming geranium. And then took us out to Diego's for a hearty, chile-rich dinner with the all-important Silver Coin margaritas. After running down the locations of some of the necessary stores, they dropped us back home. The evening, which I swear was warmer than when we arrived, quickly turned windy and brought a brief thunderstorm. It soon cleared, leaving what I choose to believe is a good omen:


Mel said...

Jealous already...need more details about horrible moving-in trials to offset view of mountains and tea on patio....

Bram said...

Well, the painting we commissioned as our wedding present was pretty much the only casualty of the move. A big one, but hopefully reparable. More in a post later.

And I know the guys who were carrying all our stuff down the stairs, then up the stairs, then up the two flights would have some horrible stories.