Kind of Unrelated

Ducked out (while waiting for the movers) to throw out some trash and heard the usual bird chirping, but louder. As the door slammed shut behind me, a sparrow took off, screeching, in one direction — and a hawk, apparently thwarted, took off in the other. Brown, with diamond-like black under the wings (near as I can remember), probably a less than 3-foot wingspan. All our bird books are packed.

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gary said...

a sparrow with a 3-foot wingspan?

oh...you must mean the raptor...

hawks are really difficult to ID (especially from a text description written by someone viewing -- through a trash bag...) 2 birds flying in 2 different directions. :-)

but, from our (unpacked) bird book, [pause whilst I retrieve and scan...]


maybe it was the Lesser Northern Virgina Loon (or was that one of your neighbors?)

if you still have net access, check