they say they're ready for us. . .

Application's been approved at Los Pinones apartments on Calle Mejia, northern part of the city. Last minute kind of thing, lucked into a sudden vacancy with a deadline looming at another apartment. They tell me the view's beautiful, up the hill to the pinon forest. Though we wind up with a second bathroom we don't really need . . . maybe it'll just be storage

Los Pinones

the hill out back


heck on wheels

Been trying to decide if it's worth it to ship my 1991 Sentra out west — don't think it would survive the drive. In doing research, Bram discovered that it's possible to FedEx a car.

For about what shipping would cost, I could probably get another beater out there, but at least this would be my beater. And I love my hand-painted Rust-O-Leum blue baby!


dispatch from the state of emergency

cathedral of saint francis just off the plaza

well, bram managed to get to santa fe just in time for the heaviest snowfall in 20 years—10 inches. it mucked up his schedule, but was apparently really pretty amazing. glad he's back safely, tho.