Woody Guthrie’s 1942 new year’s resolutions

[click for larger]
  1. work more and better
  2. work by a schedule
  3. wash teeth if any
  4. shave
  5. take bath
  6. eat good – fruit – vegetables – milk
  7. drink very scant if any
  8. write a song a day
  9. wear clean clothes – look good
  10. shine shoes
  11. change socks
  12. change bed clothes often
  13. read lots of good books
  14. listen to radio a lot
  15. learn people better
  16. keep rancho clean
  17. don’t get lonesome
  18. stay glad
  19. keep hoping machine running
  20. dream good
  21. bank all extra money
  22. save dough
  23. have company but don’t waste time
  24. send Mary and kids money
  25. play and sing good
  26. dance better
  27. help win war – beat fascism
  28. love Mama
  29. love Papa
  30. love Pete
  31. love everybody
  32. make up your mind
  33. wake up and fight
Happy 2012 everyone!


White Pre-Christmas

Awoke this morning to about 4" of snow this morning, the nice powdery stuff this time. Shoveling and clearing the cars, then a sniff-ful walk across the river with the dog.

Afternoon at the museums downtown with M+D, targeting the Drake and St. John's Bible exhibits.

Temperature's dropping already, but snow's been melting away all day. And now a bumper sticker spotted on the way home has us wondering, "what, indeed?"

I probably ...

... should call it something interior-decorator-ey like a "winter woodland" wreath.

You know, instead of calling it the "Siberian-elm-branches-I-pulled-out-of-the-pile-of-dead-brush-piled-up-next-to-the-shed-and-wired-up-into-a-ghetto-fabulous-wreath" wreath.



So, so many kiffles. Dried cherry filling this year.



And yesterday, it was almost 50°

And it thundered some in the middle of the night. Before bringing on the snow that's falling — and looks to be continuing to fall through tomorrow. Looks like M+D might catch a break driving up from Abq on Wednesday, but looking at more snow at the end of the week.


Big Adventure

Our friend Kevin bought out Santa Fe's only comic shop at the beginning of September. He'd been a part owner of its predecessor and, after more than a year-and-a-half, is its sole owner. He began referring to the whole process as his big adventure, and one of the kids at the regular Magic gathering suggested that as name.

Danny designed the logo and we've been working with them to put it all together. A couple weeks later, Pronto was at the shop on a rainy, gray, windy Monday to install the sign. While the name was in question, Kevin just put up banner that said "COMICS" in big red; turns out, that brought in more people than anything the shop had ever done. The new logo was driven by that lesson.

It's been a real kick to get to work with Kevin on Big Adventure Comics, putting together the sign, business cards, ads — to watch his dream come together and be a part of it. Being an insider at the comic shop, well, that's just bonus.


Morning Walk Across the River

The inch of snow that was on the ground yesterday morning pretty much melted over the course of the day. This is the remains of last night, which fell just about from the time we left town to go down La Bajada to friends' in Pena Blanca 'til the time we made our way home on the snow-packed roads.

Not too bad out in the sun. Tonight's calling for an unacceptable low of around 16° and it's not really supposed to warm up during Monday. And maybe up to 8" more.


Another Thanksgiving Dinner That Couldn't Be Beat


At Stacy + Jim's for dinner last night, along with Bernice and friends and dogs. Way late, having too much fun.

No chance of a hike today; snowing big flakes (though not sticking), cold, gray, miserable. And so the last of the leaves will sit, wet and cold, for at least another week as well. We'll emerge from the house in a couple hours to go tape the Mouth of Wonder Breakfast for Dinner Extravaganza,* to be broadcast on the 4th Saturday. With any luck, the material for this year's Rula calendar will have arrived by the time we leave.

And speaking of with any luck — there may actually be a new Raised By Squirrels posted by the end of the weekend.

* Preview: frittata; chile cheese waffles; cheesy grits with eggs; monte cristo sandwich

Update: it's on Saturday the 26th — KSFR.org at 10:30 MST, or you can find Mouth of Wonder at iTunes.

Update to the update: Now available at the MOW site.



Whoa. Last Wednesday already, The Pixies were in town as part of their Lost Cities Tour. Andy tipped me months ago; there was panic with an announcement of an immediate sellout, but we were able to get some of the last tickets a couple weeks later for us and Stacy and Jim.

So the deal was that it's the end of their Doolittle tour (the one that Dori saw last year), a live performance of the 20-year-old (!) album. For me, it's pretty much Surfer Rosa or nothing, but, hey, sure to be a good show.

We lingered over dinner at our place, then to the Convention Center, where we caught the end of The Imaginary Cities' quite-good set. Some milling about, and then the house lights dimmed. And Un Chien Andalou came up on the video screen. And then it went out. Started again. And then the Pixies came out on stage.

Kicked off with a couple B-sides — that they even admitted they didn't remember the A-sides they went to — and then launched into the album. Patter was, safe to say, at a minimum; Kim was in charge of addressing the crowd and, but for recurring commentary about the altitude, was pretty general.

But the sound was great. The way Frank and Kim's vocals played off each other has certainly lost none of its strength over the years, and was even better live. Best was, though, the wall of sound that the group produced, tight rhythm that you felt in your bones. Couldn't help but feel the energy.

With two encores, including a few Surfer Rosa tunes, wrapped up by 10:30.

Update: photos from closer to the stage at Santa Fe Reporter.


latest Spoonflower contest!

So, Spoonflower, yes? Fabric of the week contest, remember? It's calendar towel time again!

My entry is called Mod Vine. Please vote for me — voting is open through Wednesday, November 16!

All the designs appear in random order, so you'll probably have to page through a few screens (there are 10 total) before seeing mine. You can vote for as many or as few designs as you like (not just mine) by clicking on the images you like best. A green box will appear around the design(s) you select for voting. You submit all your votes on the last page. Any and all votes are appreciated!


Spy's Guide to Santa Fe

Santa Fe. Spies. Pretty much perfect fit for me. William Held kicked off the Tony Hillerman Writers Conference with a talk on his Spy's Guide to Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Hearing him, though … sure I'm looking forward to the cloak and dagger in the book, but it sounds like his focus is on the events that nobody pays attention that shape the way we live. Perfect fit.

So, after years of seeing it, I'm doing the conference. His talk and several names I recognize, and maybe bit more of a focus on the thriller and espionage, got me to register months ago. More later.


D&D Night

Now that Kevin's running the shop, the long-discussed D&D night finally came together yesterday. Yes. Dungeons & Dragons. At Big Adventure Comics. Maybe the first of a weekly event. It doesn't get much more geeky than that.

Above, our band of adventurers; Steve's a great DM, very dry sense of humor; the one I threw trying to be stealthy, which resulted in my flare exploding.

Really, that "nerdy" tag down there's pretty redundant, isn't it?


Inaugural Sunday Houndie Walk, 2011 Edition

Daylight Savings means Sunday Houndie Walk season. And she knew it.

A bit of snow up in the mountains there.

A Little Snow ...

... yesterday morning. Would've been a much funnier photo about ten minutes earlier, when there was an actual quantity of snow on her head. Barely anything accumulated and was soon gone.

Past month's brought a bunch of sudden change, so we're making do. Will see about getting back to some regular posting, maybe even that vacation post that's in draft. You can also check out how the garden turned out.


Andy In Town

Come and gone on his annual pass through town, but we did get out on, as it turned out, a pretty warm day to Tent Rocks.

Some shakeups here (and not just the earthquake); will be trying to get back on track.


ABQ Zine Fest and Beyond

Lessee, last weekend there was the AIGA workshop on Saturday morning, basically a photographic scavenger hunt. A nice morning to be out walking; afternoon, crafts project, making some bulletin boards. Sunday, chores, before the dog park and Koo Koo's visit.

Yesterday, we headed to the Harwood in Albuquerque for the first ABQ Zine Fest.

A whole room full of zine producers and crafts makers with their wares. And us, along with Pete, with a table of comics from 7000 BC. Wasn't a huge crowd, but it was an awfully good time. In large part, because of the Zine Olympics.

Not quite sure what to expect, we sat out of the first event, the Speed Stapling. But then Mon swept in to tie for first in the Precision Folding. And then I took third in the individual and we took third in the team Cover Reversal*. Yep.

Nice lunch from the Good Food Eat Here truck. Fun, fast afternoon. Ducked over to check on the progress at 24 Hour Comics Day, at the Media Arts Collaborative Charter School. Only a few hours in, but was busy and looking good.

You can follow along, hour-by-hour, at Chuck's liveblog of the Albuquerque event. More photos from the Zine Fest here, 24 Hour Comics Day here.

Mon's outside working on the chair project; a beautiful fall day, sunny but a little cool. Trying to figure out something that's productive and outdoors, but doesn't involve clearing leaves or dealing with all the weeds that are proliferating. And suppose I should do something about posting those vacation photos …

* Sure, in these events, there were only four competitors/teams. But still.


The Good News Is

There's a new donut shop in town, and it's by the Chocolatesmith folks. We stopped by Whoo's Donuts for their open house and sampled the bacon/chile/eclair treat, and now we've got a couple others waiting for dessert.

I miss real donuts. When last I was in Connecticut, turns out all the old bakeries are gone.

Andy, we'll be stopping by here at least once.


A Visit

From Koo Koo, with her people Stacy and Jim. She's settling in well in her new home, and last night, settled into ours for a visit. By this time, our dog had just wandered off to another room to sleep.


1209 Miles, 843 Photos

Back home, by way of Four Corners (above).


Chippy Messing Up Our Timed Photo

Though we did finally get it. And then one at the park sign on the way out, just before the real downpour started.


In Arches

In Moab right now, but were in Arches National Park this morning. Started out in Durango on Saturday, we'll be here another day and then further south into Utah.


Signs of Autumn:

1. Cool enough to take the dog on a hike …

Dropped from the weeks of near-record heat to pretty cool yesterday. Mostly because of the clouds that, luckily. held their rain until we got home.

2. where the aspens are turning

The first sign of color up in the mountains.

3. A new birthday tshirt from Monica

She did the drawing this time, too.

4. Indian Market

A few weeks back; I biked over to catch the last hours.

5. Wildflowers blooming

And blocking the path to the back yard.

6. Jamie's annual gallery show

Traditional Jamie In Front Of His Painting portrait here.

7. Asking for Zozobra donations

You saw this, right?

8. Hummingbirds passing through

Not at our house. We haven't refilled the feeder since putting it out over a month ago. This is at Jim + Stacy's.

9. The arrival of the summer monsoons

Wait, what? The last month's more than quadrupled our annual rainfall. Still not even halfway to where we should be.

10. Bubonicon

Which we skipped this year, but Pete took pictures.

11. Anniversary evening out

Started with Chris lighting Monica's drink on fire.

12. Doing one giant post wrapping up the past weeks' worth of activities.


it's that time again...

Anyone who wants to send us any gloom to have burned at Zozobra, get that stuff in the mail to us asap! The burninating is September 8!


Rob and Amanda Passing Through Santa Fe

We're missing Bubonicon this year, fortunately our friends Rob and Amanda were able to spend the day here on their way to the con. Rob's always a gracious host when we're in Austin, good to be able to turn the tables.

Fourteen hours straight through, they arrived early enough last night for dinner out at Blue Corn. I was off today, ready to show them the sights. When Amanda requested a walk up the mountains … well, that wasn't in my plans. I mean, I'd considered a day at Tent Rocks, but figured we'd go to museums, the Plaza, the Railyard, galleries. Y'know, Santa Fe. Well, sure, Aspen Vista's accessible and of a flexible length.

And we did wind up downtown later in the afternoon, for a good break and nice conversation at San Francisco, a quick run through the Palace of the Governors and History Museum, a pass around and beyond the Plaza.

But that couple hours out on Aspen Vista. It was rainy last night, and the clouds actually lingered into the morning. Uncharacteristically overcast and breezy starting out; that passed soon enough, but it was refreshing. Wandering along at our own paces, Amanda ranging out ahead, Rob examining the flora and (insect) fauna. Visiting and talking and joking. The fluctuation in light and temperature, but still the clear mountain air. Pushing on to that rock to stop and sit and look over the horizon. A more quiet descent. In a way, Santa Fe.

Update: for the Facebook-inclined, Amanda's photos are posted.

Vote for my bunnies!

So, Spoonflower, yes? Fabric of the week contest, remember? It's been a while since I did one of these. This time, it's cut-and sew stuffed toys!

My entry is a quartet of business suit-fabric-bodied bunnies, although only the pinstripe-grey-with-green-highlights version shows on the contest page. It's called (imaginatively) Business Suit Bunnies. Please vote for me — voting is open through Wednesday, August 31.

All the designs appear in random order, so you'll probably have to page through a few screens (there are 9 total) before seeing mine. You can vote for as many or as few designs as you like (not just mine) by clicking on the images you like best. A green box will appear around the design(s) you select for voting. You submit all your votes on the last page. Any and all votes are appreciated!

UPDATE: These bunnies go to eleven! (Missed the top ten by 52 votes... dang!) Thanks to everyone who voted!


Own Tomatoes

Dinner tonight featured a couple of the Paul Robesons that Mon's been growing in our garden this year. Plenty of Sungolds, but shaping up to be a half-dozen or so of the Robesons.

Accompanied by Prosciutto-wrapped shrimp. Appropriate for watching the finale of Master Chef.

Update: some more garden news.


Day 336: A Close Call

Yesterday, actually kind of gray and cool and rainy. The thunderstorms started 'round 1:00 and, while they'd pretty much passed by evening walk time, Cheyenne emerged from hiding but was still having none of that.

Later, as she was finishing dinner leftovers, I got ready for her pre-bedtime outing. A quick pan with the flashlight … revealed a black and white furry thing in the far corner. By then, Cheyenne was outside — and, to her credit, stopped next to me when I told her "wait!"

My eyes still on the glowing eyes out in the yard, I herded her back to the door. Where she had no interest in going in; I had no interest arguing with her and even less in cleaning up after a skunking, so just carried her back in. She was not pleased with that.

With some urging, we got her out on a walk instead but, due to either the thunder-like sound of a passing plane or just general irritation with us, she cut it short and hurried home.


Sunday Afternoon Naps

A bunch of stuff this past weekend, trying to get to a post about it.


Actual Rain

Likely the last night of what's been some occasional, but sometimes pretty good, showers. It was enough, however, to send the dog between the chairs in the library.


Vintage Cars on the Plaza, 2011

Among the reasons I got home late last night was Santa Fe Vintage Car Club's annual Cruise Night on the Plaza.

Because I was already late, only time for another one of those running continuous photo movies. Anyone else as amused as I am by these?

Favorites include the Saab Sonnet, the (not really vintage) Aston DB9, and that Charger again.


The Due Return

Saturday — finally, would've missed it if the exhibit hadn't gotten extended — to the The Due Return, a production of the local arts collective Meow Wolf at the Muñoz Waxman Gallery.

Open 'til 10:00! Madness! What's open 'til 10:00 in Santa Fe?

"An inter-dimensional ship has settled on an alien landscape. Once a seafaring vessel, it now bares [sic] the marks of its previous voyages; a hodgepodge of transport devices and retro-fitted technologies."

With a pitch that sounds like it could be a booth at Comic-Con and a having dominated a first-of-its-kind fundraiser, I was dubious. The phrase "self-indulgent" came to mind, and this is from a guy who loses money printing his own comics about flying spies.

There was due to be a performance that evening, but we weren't necessarily planning around that. Really, had no idea what to expect.

It defies easy explanation. It's boat, really. I mean, it's not whole, it can't float, but there's a two-level boat built in this space. You can walk into it, climb up and down and explore its various rooms. And it's just the backdrop for the display of all kinds of artifacts. Set in a space with adobe caves constructed around, and odd creatures surrounding.

When we arrived 'round 8:00, Round Mountain had already started their performance. The duo's music gave us a Great Big Sea meets Devotchka kind of vibe and was a great accompaniment to exploring the nooks and crannies of the ship. On the top deck, there was quite a crowd.

We hung out there for more than an hour, stopping to listen to the band, back down to wander through the ship and the rest of the installation. To take photos.

I counted well over 100 people there. Plenty of of all ages listening to the band, art patrons also not knowing what to expect, teenagers hanging out (looking to me like that's how they'd been spending their summer nights, at the gallery), kids scrambling all over the boat, high school friends catching up. The Due Return is an accomplishment, even more impressive for the crowd and the atmosphere it creates.



Photo by Gary from their recent visit; you be the judge if this relates to the post's title at all

This past week, Santa Fe was named the 16th worst-dressed city in America by GQ. Predictably, this being New Mexico, the news has been greeted … well, by not much, really. Mostly I'm just offended that the writeups aren't funnier and the photos rarely illustrate the point.

Santa Fe Style is a cliché, and playing off cities' stereotypes is easy and harmless. Sure, we got more cowboy boots and hats, bolo ties, long flowy outfits, turquoise, and big silver belts than most, but from where I sit, it's mostly kind of gear-y like Boulder, as well as plenty of dudes in brown flip-flops. Near my office, a good number of gray suits, and lots of tourists to skew the results. Last night at an art event* — on the lookout, thinking about this post — most of what was worn really could have been found anywhere; the teens, especially.

But at least we're not Boston.

* Working on that post next