Five Years

Today, the five-year anniversary of our arrival into Santa Fe. How are we celebrating? With chips, comics, The Independent Get Down and margaritas. And later, sandwiches and some cable show on Netflix (tonight, last of season 3 of Mad Men). Like we celebrate every Friday.

Looking back at the blog — now a few months older than five years — there was much, much more activity. This was started to track our trip out here, then moved on to documenting our adventures once we arrived. There was a lot going on, a lot of excitement. The nature of life is, though, that tapers off.

Yeah, there hasn't been a lot of posting recently. We're still busy, but it's maybe not as notable — last weekend, another Santa Fe Challenge (assisting, refereeing, coaching, instead of fencing), the weekend before an afternoon of geekery at Free Comic Book Day; all the while, Monica's been doing a bunch of works on the blogs she maintains and getting the garden going, documented at Santa Fe Garden.

There'll be more posts, but they'll probably be even less frequent than they have been. And probably be about the dog anyway. There's less discovery and adventure, but know that we're still enjoying it out here. To be honest, some of the sheen's gone off living in Santa Fe. The reality of living here's long since set in, but still ain't no place we'd rather be. Been lucky enough to know some great people on the way.

The beautiful daily reminder is that mountain over us to the east, still snow-capped like it was when we pulled into town.

(The picture's actually from the day before, when we crossed the border.)