Public Enemy in Santa Fe … Rained Out

Public Enemy appeared Saturday in Santa Fe. A special, invitation-only concert. But, when you're like us and you have people, that's not a problem.

Rain, though. That was a problem. A city with 300 sunny days a year. And Saturday wasn't one of them.

They got underway after 8:00; about four or five songs in (they were all some awesome long jams), just after 9:00, a 10-minute break was announced for safety, what with all the electronics. Predictably, that turned into a 20+-minute break and, at the end of it, the concert was called off.

The band was great about talking to the diminished crowd, and finished off with a By The Time I Get To Arizona/Fight The Power medley that was stronger for having less electricity on stage.


We Were on the Radio Again

Last Saturday. Talking mostly about Southwestern food. The script was less than 30 minutes, yet we wound up running over. Listen here.


And It Seemed Like This Might Be The Year

Mild winter, early spring, days of 60°-plus March days … the apricot tree popped last Saturday while we were in Taos. And with the temperatures only trending up, seemed for a moment there that this might be the year the blossoms don't all freeze before they have a chance to set.