Third Grilling

Although nothing like Andy's, fired up the grill for the third time this year. Usually, we've probably only just pulled it out of storage by this time … but with the mild weather, we got it going … a few weeks ago for … fajitas, was it? And then Monday for some peppers for vegetarian friends.

Tonight was bleu cheese, bacon, and barbecue sauce burgers and corn.

Discovered that, yes, the dog will eat corn on the cob.



Had some Enchiladas of the Apocalypse, then took the dog across the river to get a better "view" of the eclipse. A lovely walk in the shade, especially since the unseasonably warm weather is already getting too hot for her.

Lessee … James Gleick was in town to talk on Wednesday night. It was a brief — just under 30 minutes — talk, plus about 20 minutes of Q&A. And kinda tough to sum up what it was about. Monica noted it was like a preface to The Information, a book that I struggled through, finding far less accessible than his others.

Meet and greet yesterday, plantings have been going on, a more-than-full day helping out at the Santa Fe Challenge last Saturday. Printed up a bunch of cards on Friday to take to ACE. Since there won't be any new comics.


Update: time lapse of the Santa Fe Challenge, courtesy of Barry at ACFA.


Coyote Spotting

But not photographed. Forgot I had the phone with me.

For months, been hearing about how coyotes now roam the neighborhood in broad daylight — a neighbor noted how she saw one at 10:30 am, walking down the street.

Turning the corner off Rio Vista 'round 8:00 this evening, spotted one trotting down the opposite side of Solana. Stopped to watch — and warn the cars at the stop sign, which the coyote seemed able to negotiate — as it turned the corner and went on its way.