Farmers Markets Photo Essay

Headed to the Farmers Market for the first time since they moved outside again, about a month ago. I have to confess, I like the market more for the whole scene more than any particular produce — this is a harsh growing climate, and the vegetables come in fewer and later than we'd become used to in Virginia. (Click for larger.)



Pasqual's, Then on Their Way

M+D+S checked out of Ojo this morning, then headed into Santa Fe to meet us. We headed downtown for brunch at Cafe Pasqual's, for a terrific meal. Kicked around town a little bit, then we said our goodbyes and sent them on their way to Albuquerque, then the flight home tomorrow.

Yeah, forgot the camera.

It's been hot the past few days. Sounds odd, in a desert and all, but it seems that the sun really started hitting full force. Sat outside for a while yesterday afternoon, and then walked a bit this afternoon, and it looks like I need to do a little re-acclimating.


The Caldera, Again

Yes, back to the Caldera. When M&D started talking about a hike on Wednesday, we said Valles Caldera.

We met up with them at the Visitors Center in White Rock, now moved. The old location is just leveled. Not sure what's going in.

Headed up the hill. Got to the parking area, and took the obligatory Last Known Photo before heading out.

It's slow going, and as Mom noted, kind of like a New England forest. Well, not quite — more pine, and less trees overall, and then it all opens up. We got to the base of the trail before ditching our stuff...

and headed down to the fence:

We wandered the edge of the Caldera for a bit, headed back to the treeline for our sammiches (turkey, roasted red pepper, goat cheese, basil; courtesy of Monica) and to sit a while. Spotted the whole time: cows, a coyote, piñon jays, crows, chipmunks.

And flowers.


A Year Later

Well, we passed the one-year anniversary of our arrival in Santa Fe.

To celebrate, we went to Columbus, Ohio.

We spent Saturday staffing the 7000 BC table at SPACE (and Friday and Sunday traveling).

It was a great time — we caught up with friends from the DCC and met some new folks. Talked a lot of comics and makin' comics, and sold some books from our fellow New Mexico creators. And returned with stacks of new discoveries.

All this time M+D+S have been housesitting in town. We met for a couple meals last week, and managed a brief visit on Mothers' Day, on the way back from the airport. They're now up at Ojo Caliente for the rest of the week, but we all met in Española at La Cocina today.

(What is with all the Bigfoot sighting-like pictures?)

They were parked near the hand-painted truck.

Low clouds in the afternoons and evenings these past few days; made for a nice sunset this evening.

[click for larger photo]


M & D & S in SF (@ J & J's)

Mom and Dad and Sandy have arrived in Santa Fe. They'll be housesitting for Janie & Joa for a week, then sticking around for another week for some additional vacation. Dinner over at "their" place this evening.


happy birthday, Mom!

7 May 1946