Comments, Please

Please feel free to weigh in with a comment or two. We've got it set so that you don't need to be a registered Blogger member to post.

The packing continues.

I don't know why the photos aren't loading on the page anymore.


andy said...

Two points :

No one leave comments on my blog either.

Not to harp on your shoe issue, but didn't Runaway Bride end up in New Mexico too ? (that's Gergia R.A.B., not Julia Roberts).

andy said...

3rd point :

Pictures are a bitch. I've been reduced to html programming and stealing other people's pictures. It's insane although apparently Maddy can do it.

monica said...

I fixed the pix: "www." was missing from the URL.

Maddie taught me that one.

gary said...

why are the timestamps on the comments in *Pacific* time?

Bram said...

Defaults to Pacific. Unless you remember to check the time (which we're trying to do now that it seems more time-sensitive). Figure Blogger's out in Seattle somewhere.