Andy In Town

Come and gone on his annual pass through town, but we did get out on, as it turned out, a pretty warm day to Tent Rocks.

Some shakeups here (and not just the earthquake); will be trying to get back on track.


ABQ Zine Fest and Beyond

Lessee, last weekend there was the AIGA workshop on Saturday morning, basically a photographic scavenger hunt. A nice morning to be out walking; afternoon, crafts project, making some bulletin boards. Sunday, chores, before the dog park and Koo Koo's visit.

Yesterday, we headed to the Harwood in Albuquerque for the first ABQ Zine Fest.

A whole room full of zine producers and crafts makers with their wares. And us, along with Pete, with a table of comics from 7000 BC. Wasn't a huge crowd, but it was an awfully good time. In large part, because of the Zine Olympics.

Not quite sure what to expect, we sat out of the first event, the Speed Stapling. But then Mon swept in to tie for first in the Precision Folding. And then I took third in the individual and we took third in the team Cover Reversal*. Yep.

Nice lunch from the Good Food Eat Here truck. Fun, fast afternoon. Ducked over to check on the progress at 24 Hour Comics Day, at the Media Arts Collaborative Charter School. Only a few hours in, but was busy and looking good.

You can follow along, hour-by-hour, at Chuck's liveblog of the Albuquerque event. More photos from the Zine Fest here, 24 Hour Comics Day here.

Mon's outside working on the chair project; a beautiful fall day, sunny but a little cool. Trying to figure out something that's productive and outdoors, but doesn't involve clearing leaves or dealing with all the weeds that are proliferating. And suppose I should do something about posting those vacation photos …

* Sure, in these events, there were only four competitors/teams. But still.