M&D In SF, Pt. II: Taking The Waters

On Wednesday, we headed out to Ojo Caliente to spend the afternoon at the hot springs there, courtesy of M&D.

It's gotta be one of the lowest-key, unpretentious kind of spas you'd ever run across. A local friend told us we should've seen it in the 60s, when it was ruled by hippies. It's based around a couple old, restored buildings. There are a bunch of various kind of pools fed by assorted (iron, iron/arsenic, soda) springs to soak in and a conventional pool. Two buildings, one dating from the 30s or so, I think, the other more modern, for the treatments.

Headed out for lunch there with M&D and Sandy, and hung out in the iron/arsenic pool. Kind of burned in the sun, due to lack of application/not enough application of sunscreen. Other folks went "mudding," coating themselves in mud and baking in the sun. I have to say, they didn't make it look fun, but by the time I thought I'd give it a try, clouds rolled in. Thought, cold mud, no fun. Hopped to another pool or two. Then, had a massage (to work out all the moving and sitting in the car) while Monica had the cornmeal scrub. More sitting in the pool, as the sun set.

Then, into Espanola to La Cocina, on the recommendation of the woman who helped us with our bank account at Century Bank. A ridiculously large, but great meal.

This has got to be the least-photographed vacation my parents ever took. Even had the camera for the mudding, but there were innocent bystanders who, I figured, did not want to wind up on some stranger's blog in that condition.

Home, catching up stuff. Lost track of day and time, and so missed completely the Lost season finale. Looks like they're rebroadcasting the second part on Saturday, so anyone with a synopsis of what we'll need to know, please email.


andy said...

Life of leisure. Have video of Lost finale although it will probably be a month or two before I actually have a chance to view. Just tell me and it will head west in due (or over due) time.

Bram said...

Thanks to Raph, I've been briefed and read about the first part, and hope to catch the second tonight. Wouldn't mind actually seeing it when you're done, though.

Bram said...

OK, the whole Lost Crisis has been averted. We managed to tape the rebroadcast of the last two hours and just finished watching. Discussion of their merit can happen elsewhere.

Based on research and reading, seems like the first part of the finale was broadcast the week they were showing the back-to-back Aliases. Once we got to Tucumcari and started watching TV, we thought that Mountain time was like West Coast — back to the broadcast time we know. And so, thought it was odd that the local news came on at 10.

But, you see, our local paper doesn't have TV guide. Are we on Bizarro Prime Time, where it all starts at 7? Anyone who can tell us what's going on, be much appreciated.

And, back to Lost — Locke, Rousseau — where's the rest of our Social Contract Philosophers?