Archer City

Pulled in to Archer city around 11:30 on the first cloudy day of our trip. Some years back, author Larry McMurtry opened up a bookshop in town with stuff from his collection, and over the years, it's grown to occupy four buildings. The books are arranged by topic, and you just kind of wander from store to store, returning to the first to pay. It was all more than just a bit overwhelming. You really need to be able to commit some time to do it justice and really explore, and we weren't really in that frame of mind. And having just boxed up our collection, weren't really on a major acquisition binge, though I did pick up a huge world mythology book, settling for that since they didn't have the mythology volume from the books that came with the Collier's Encyclopedia from my childhood.

The books and the rooms just go on and on:

In case you were wondering:

Only the first store is staffed:

To keep our strength up during our two-plus hours in the stacks, we stopped off at Cimarron Coffee Company for a sandwich, which mixes snack shop and art studio.


Deb said...

It is too bad that your mood wasn't such that you guys felt you could lose yourself completely in the bookstore---it looks like a place I want to be.

A happy, happy, happy place.

Bram said...

Going through those/that store(s) is quite a commitment, but I'm sure would be time well spent. I think you'd never want to leave.

Our total weight on the moving truck was 6800 pounds; a typical two-bedroom is around 6000, and I'd say ours was smaller than average. So I shudder to think how much of that was books.

Mel said...


monica said...

books heavy, man . . . like, wow.

(also, the dust and the cats (in store 1) made it kind of self-limiting for me)

Mel said...

This is the exactly type of occasion for which Em and I carry a travel supply of Benadryl caplets...no silly dust or cat is going to keep Poesy Galore from her beloved books...