Oh. Hm. A decade.

Sitting here for New Comic Night, it occurs to us to check our arrival in New Mexico. That'd be ten years ago Thursday.


Then there was that snow we got last weekend …

Awoke last Saturday to snow,* not at all like the beautiful day it is outside now, let's take look … ohhhh.

Last week's melted before noon. Probably did in most of, if not all, the apricots. I think we're OK with that.

Yesterday, at Fuller Lodge for the Los Alamos Book Fair.

A good time, if a little slow (which allowed for some Squirrels progress). And gave the chance for an Oppenheimer statue selfie.

* hmm, looking at the past few posts … really obsessed with snow and winter, aren't I?


What's this "Winter" we keep hearing about?

We were due to fly to Austin today for STAPLE! this weekend but got the call yesterday from American that our morning flight had been cancelled. Were able to rebook a later one; in retrospect, it should've occurred if the first flight of the day was cancelled, the second one didn't have much of a chance either, and we should've seen that call this morning coming. We just became more travel victims of the storm, and when they couldn't find a flight that gave us enough time there, we just called the whole thing off.

After the couple hours that was, got burritos and went up to the saddleback on Sun Mountain.


A Little More Snow

After days of promised snow, woke up to about 6" on the ground.

At one point, looked up from shoveling the front to see Cheyenne standing at the gate (not sure how long she was there), anxiously awaiting a walk; she got her coat and off we went.