As Expected, Unpacking

Yep, unpacking. But with a few breaks.

Yesterday, headed down to Albuquerque to retrieve Monica's car. Arrived just fine — even been washed, better than mine's doing.

And — I think I'm safe in revealing this in the blog — swung by Bob and Shannon's place to see how it's going there. They were our former neighbors in Colonial Village, transferred to Utah a couple years ago, and just relocated to Albuquerque last week. Phone numbers were packed up, but had an email address, so just kind of popped in. Bob had just returned from errands, and took some time away from unpacking to show us around the (beautiful) place, introduce us to their two dogs, and visit with us. And Shannon's birthday is Friday, so we're planning on heading down a gathering in the evening and surprising her.

In the afternoon, a package arrived from Mary . . . treats from Harry & David. We enjoyed them out on the balcony that evening.

Today, errands in the morning, other getting-settled kind of stuff. As of our quitting time this evening, the bedroom is mostly together, the kitchen is done, the office is coming along and the computers are all set up, and living room is taking shape with the TV installed in time for Alias tonight.


Anonymous said...

Glad you made it to NM okay. What an adventure. Enjoyed your blogging.
Love, Aunt Sandy

monica said...

Great to hear from you! Hope you're doing well (Jack too). Don't know if you two ever get this far west on your RV excursions, but would love to see you if you do! (Tell Jack: Santa Fe RR is right around the corner!)