just an amazing sky

Family who have been to Arcosanti outside of Phoenix, gave us these cool windchimes. No place to hang them at Colonial Village, so they stayed boxed up in the back of my closet for years. They're right at home now.


Cate's Mom said...

I just read your entire blog -- I am SO happy for you two! You look like you belong there, tho maybe that's just the cowboy hats and all your years of practice making and drinking margaritas. Drinking does pay! So what's the view like from the guest bedroom, which I hope to occupy in late October?

Bram said...

Sadly, the view's nothing to brag about. If you're lucky, we'll have the boxes of books out of the way by then, so you can be grateful for that.

Anonymous said...

The bells look cool against the southwestern sky. They have returned to their natural habitat!
(It reminds me when Aunt Carol from Texas gave me a southwestern-patterned blanket which was actually made in Maryland and then ventured with me out here to Arizona.)