Just finished off dinner with M+D; they'll be heading off tomorrow morning,

Will see about posting recent activities in the next few days. In the meantime, we're resting.


Solstice on Monte del Sol

So, M+D are in town, arrived Friday. This morning's activity was a hike up Sun Mountain, over by Atalaya near St. John's. We didn't make it all the way to the top; it was colder than the advertised forecast of 48°, and there was still plenty of packed snow and ice that made for some tricky going. Out about two hours, but given the day, seemed a good destination.

Yeah, we took a vacation day today. Figures I decide to take a day off on the shortest day of the year.

Yesterday was chores and such, but M+D over for dinner. And celebration of Cheyenne's Gotcha Day. A good thing that M+D were around with gifts, 'cause we blew it. Cookies from Barkin' Bistro and a duck stuffie:

Saturday was great fun, we spent the morning at the Farmers Market with Susan the dogsitter, then out and around. With any luck, I'm getting photos from from a few other sources that'll show the day.

Gray and colder today. Weather oracles are saying precipitation tomorrow, may be snow by Wednesday. Nothing like what hit the East Coast, but we've got hopes that it won't be a completely brown Christmas.


First (Real) Snow

Yeah, though it was irritating, I'm not counting that snow in October.

Storm rolled in last night, continuing on through the morning.

Snow was wetter, sky was less sunny, and it was windier than this usual sort of thing. I thought it was no fun … how about the dog?

Yeah, after sleeping in as much as she could, ran out into the snow and around …

then hurtled back in, about a minute later, after attending to her bidnez.

She did enjoy the subsequent walk, snuffling around all the new smells in the snow. And the sky cleared, the roads eventually got kind of sort of plowed, and the second hit of snow this afternoon never materialized.