Woody Guthrie’s 1942 new year’s resolutions

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  1. work more and better
  2. work by a schedule
  3. wash teeth if any
  4. shave
  5. take bath
  6. eat good – fruit – vegetables – milk
  7. drink very scant if any
  8. write a song a day
  9. wear clean clothes – look good
  10. shine shoes
  11. change socks
  12. change bed clothes often
  13. read lots of good books
  14. listen to radio a lot
  15. learn people better
  16. keep rancho clean
  17. don’t get lonesome
  18. stay glad
  19. keep hoping machine running
  20. dream good
  21. bank all extra money
  22. save dough
  23. have company but don’t waste time
  24. send Mary and kids money
  25. play and sing good
  26. dance better
  27. help win war – beat fascism
  28. love Mama
  29. love Papa
  30. love Pete
  31. love everybody
  32. make up your mind
  33. wake up and fight
Happy 2012 everyone!


White Pre-Christmas

Awoke this morning to about 4" of snow this morning, the nice powdery stuff this time. Shoveling and clearing the cars, then a sniff-ful walk across the river with the dog.

Afternoon at the museums downtown with M+D, targeting the Drake and St. John's Bible exhibits.

Temperature's dropping already, but snow's been melting away all day. And now a bumper sticker spotted on the way home has us wondering, "what, indeed?"

I probably ...

... should call it something interior-decorator-ey like a "winter woodland" wreath.

You know, instead of calling it the "Siberian-elm-branches-I-pulled-out-of-the-pile-of-dead-brush-piled-up-next-to-the-shed-and-wired-up-into-a-ghetto-fabulous-wreath" wreath.



So, so many kiffles. Dried cherry filling this year.



And yesterday, it was almost 50°

And it thundered some in the middle of the night. Before bringing on the snow that's falling — and looks to be continuing to fall through tomorrow. Looks like M+D might catch a break driving up from Abq on Wednesday, but looking at more snow at the end of the week.


Big Adventure

Our friend Kevin bought out Santa Fe's only comic shop at the beginning of September. He'd been a part owner of its predecessor and, after more than a year-and-a-half, is its sole owner. He began referring to the whole process as his big adventure, and one of the kids at the regular Magic gathering suggested that as name.

Danny designed the logo and we've been working with them to put it all together. A couple weeks later, Pronto was at the shop on a rainy, gray, windy Monday to install the sign. While the name was in question, Kevin just put up banner that said "COMICS" in big red; turns out, that brought in more people than anything the shop had ever done. The new logo was driven by that lesson.

It's been a real kick to get to work with Kevin on Big Adventure Comics, putting together the sign, business cards, ads — to watch his dream come together and be a part of it. Being an insider at the comic shop, well, that's just bonus.


Morning Walk Across the River

The inch of snow that was on the ground yesterday morning pretty much melted over the course of the day. This is the remains of last night, which fell just about from the time we left town to go down La Bajada to friends' in Pena Blanca 'til the time we made our way home on the snow-packed roads.

Not too bad out in the sun. Tonight's calling for an unacceptable low of around 16° and it's not really supposed to warm up during Monday. And maybe up to 8" more.