Annual Presidents' Day Hike

This year, on a co-worker's recommendation (and with her directions), headed over to the Dale Ball South trail by the Audubon Center, via the store closing store at Borders.

Up and up and over: 29 to 30; a little jog up 32, but returned via the loop at 31; nothing level. Sunny, but still cool, but the terrain alternately had me in sun or shade, sweating or slipping on snow. Just shy of an hour-and-a-half.

The traditional posed portrait here; the treats got her in front of the camera, but not facing it.


Sunday Morning Walk in the River

There's got to be some advantage to, on a gray, windy morning, having a riverbed without any actual water in it.


Sparkler in the Snow

'Cause why not? You've got a couple sparklers you found in road some months back, and a little bit of snow left.


Also, I remember Marfa before it was a tshirt subject at Sundance. And before Wikipedia, for that matter.


Living With Art, Furthermore

She's a much better fit in many ways, but there's still some discussion.

Part of the appeal is how she looks with the winter sunset; but here's a more straightforward shot.

Plus it has the dog.

Speaking of which; even though this is appealing, I'm not sure it's going to work to (or is even necessary to) clean our Greyhound.



Though the 6–12" that the forecasts were calling to be on the ground by now is just about an inch of light powder.

This is the unacceptable part: