world's easiest appetizer

Take a block of feta cheese:

Slice it up:

Drizzle with honey and add freshly ground pepper:

No, more pepper:

Sprinkle with thyme leaves:

Serve with crackers:

"Recipe" via John Margraff, from an an old episode of Mouth of Wonder.


tiny snails

Picked a bunch of arugula last night. There were several tiny hitchhikers.

Those are cherry tomatoes:

In the sink:

OH NOES! EX-scape from the drain!!

On a spoon, for scale:

This little dude kept trying to make a break for it:

Relocated outside:


The Imperial Rooster on the Bandstand

Our favorite Gonzo Roots band took the Santa Fe Bandstand for the penultimate night of the season. We were all there.

Better (read: professional) photos at their Facebook page.


Counter Reset


Found this out in the yard this morning. That's right, the same dog who does this, even when there's not thunder.