The Only Thing Worse Than Not Having Your Stuff . . .

. . . is having it. Today, everything arrived. There was the hope of it getting delivered yesterday, but it didn't work out. So, around 9:00 this morning, our driver was trying to figure out the best way to get his truck up one of the narrow, winding driveways to our place. And then how to get our stuff down the few stairs, up the few stairs, and then back up two stories to our place. And he did, with the help of two local movers. The mule chest, the boxes of books, and everything else.

Only one casualty. A good news/bad news/good news/etc. kind of thing. The Mullany painting. The one we commissioned with a wedding present from my parents, of us at the old apartment. A big, valuable artwork we had the movers package. It's oil on wood board, but the movers didn't even bother to wrap it, so it got all scuffed up. We have it declared on the "major valuables" manifest. Hopefully, we can get the artist to touch it up (or at the very worst, repaint it) at Atlas' expense.

But the local guys who helped with the unloading and John, the driver, got the job done. So we're surrounded by boxes, wondering how we wound up with all this stuff. The real problem is, that when we moved from the apartment to the condo, it was pretty much the same layout. We, I think, actually have more space here, it's just a matter of figuring out where it will all go.

Some errands, some unpacking, and our first dinner in the new place. Got our camping charis set up out on the patio, and ate, the first box-free place to sit.

Living/dining room: (click for larger view)

Our bedroom: (click for larger view)



Mel said...

Dude - I am feeling your pain re: the chaos....just look at it as the lucky ability to be able to re-arrange your furniture -- you know -- have something new, fresh & different in your life. Oh......right. Love you, love your posts (It's like being there) and relate entirely to many of the feelings you are having right now....moved here, felt that.

Mel said...

Unless you had it reupholstered in black plastic, the Tomelilla looks oddly mummy-like...which makes me more than a little scared...my fear escalating in the absence of the soothing influence the Meehan residence's usual Zen-like order emits..

Bram said...

Not much Zen about the place right now. But, getting there, establishing little bits of civilization, and making good use of that patio.