Adversity Sets In

Day 5:
Sherman, TX to Amarillo, TX
approximately 400 miles

The high-speed wireless at the hotel's down, so I'm back on dial-up, which was not without its problems. Below are posts from earlier in the day.

And, investigating the odd sounds at slow speeds from under the Golf, found that the muffler kind of swings free. So I figure we now know what we'll be doing with our spare time in Amarillo tomorrow. The goal is only to make it to Tucumcari tomorrow, which is about two hours away, but it puts us in a good position to get into Santa Fe during the day on Saturday.

The drive from Archer City went well, and eventually worked out way on to the main highway again. Continue to enjoy the Texas welcome centers along the interstate. Arrived in Amarillo and, after hearing Claire talk it up so much, had to do our dinner at The Big Texan. Had ourselves a satisfying steak, some Shiner Bock, and managed to polish it off with a big piece of chocolate cake.


dadm said...

Alas the Collier's book of myths has gone to Goodwill - not being one of Bram's collections of literature still at home in Wethersfield with which we plan on funding our retirement.

Here's a not totally appropriate but good alliterative lyric from Linda Ronstadt for you to sing when you get back on the road in C&W land. Feel free to substitute Shine(er Bock) where appropriate

And I’ve been from Tucson to Tucumcari
Tehachapi to Tonopah
Driven every kind of rig that’s ever been made
Driven the backroads so I wouldn’t get weighed
And if you give me a weed, whites and wine
And you show me a sign
And I’ll be willin’ to be movin’

T, P, and Audrey Clare said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying the ride. And for those of us watching from home, well, Audrey is loving her first blog experience (fyi, Bram, even SHE knew that those weren't cows!)...does anyone know what sound a camel makes??

Joa said...

Ah...Shiner Bock...thanks for the reminder...

You've probably got you route set and maybe you've even left already, but the drive from Tucumcari to Las Vegas on Hwy 104 is one of the most beautiful in NM. Then from LV to SFe it's a bit over an hour. There's also a wildlife/bird sanctuary right outside LV if you're not too impatient to get here.

see you soon!

jraphael said...

Doesn't sound like anything some wire, a Leatherman, and a frisbee can't fix. Why not come by on Saturday afternoon and I can--- oh, wait. Nevermind.

Mel said...

Audrey Clare - per the Zoological Society of San Diego..."Camels make many sounds to communicate, including moaning and groaning sounds, high-pitched bleats, and loud bellows and roars. They also make a rumbling growl that was one of the noises ued to create Chewbacca's voice in the Star Wars movies!"

monica said...


monica said...

oh — no — wait, that was the sound the Golf was making . . .

andy said...

duct tape...or is it duck tape..but it'll fix anything