Aspen Vista with Cheyenne

"Cheyenne, do you want to go for a hike?"

What are you still doing here?

"I told you, I'm off today — my last vacation day."

That's why you were extra grumpy when I jumped on the bed before the alarm went off this morning …

"Well …"

and why it took you even longer to get up than usual.

"I'll get some stuff together and we'll head out."

Just wake me when you're finally ready.

Why are we stopping here?

"I've got to get a breakfast burrito and we'll be on our way. I thought we'd go out like last time, maybe to Counter Culture, but that gets complicated with the patio and you and the ordering and the laptop. So I'm just going to California Pastrami and I'll eat it up at the trailhead"

whine, whine, whimper, whimper

"Yeah, they take a while, but they make 'em fresh. We'll be going soon … go be cute for that guy who's telling you how pretty you are."

What's that awful grinding sound?

"That's. My. Teeth. There's these two oversized eighteen wheelers ahead of me on the road up the mountain. They seemed to be moving fine at first, but they're going so slow … I've barely gotten out of first gear. I was hoping they were stopping somewhere, but they gotta be going all the way to the basin."

Hey — we just drove by that trail where we went before! Let's stop there!

"No, I want to go up to Aspen Vista. It'll be higher and hopefully cooler … and it's just out and back, so we can turn around when we need to. It's been so hot recently, I don't want to make it to rough for you."

I can take it.

"I know, you're a tough girl. But sometimes you don't — grrr …"


Ah I should've pulled over there and eaten. It's been, like, a half-hour and I keep thinking it's around the corner …"

Are we there?

"No, I just finally pulled over. I gotta eat, my blood sugar's dropping. Look, there's a pretty view, and we've got Jazz a la Carta on KSFR."

It's all just monkey sounds to me.

"Aw, c'mon …"

Oh, alright. I like Ricardo and Helga, they have a good show."

"Good girl. Have some tortilla."

"Alright, here we are. Sheesh, that took almost an hour, should've been, like 25 minutes …"

Hike now?

"Yes, let's go! Let me get all the water and I'll put the big leash on you."

Yayhooray! Hike! On the trail … why are you turning around?

"Left the camera back in the car …"

Yikes! What are those things?

"Flies. Must be cool enough and wet enough for them. Keep moving I'll brush them off …"

Hey — why's that dog not on a leash?

"He's a big ol' Lab. He probably knows enough not to go chasing after small furry things and —"

But that's what small furry things are for!

"Don't you want some water? Are you still afraid of the Gulpy?"

I was never afraid. It's just weird … anyway, I'm not thirsty.

"You know the rules, whatever you don't drink gets dumped on you."

Oh, the humiliation. The sweet, cooling humiliation.

"I thought there's be more shade — you doing OK? I know you're a tough girl. I'm worried that you're going to push yourself too hard."

I'm fine.

"Well, you may be out at the end of the leash, but I'm gonna be slowing you down."

That's pretty much what you do all the time.

"Look at all these aspens. They're pretty now, but we'll come back up here in the fall. The leaves turn the most beautiful yellow …"

And exactly what shade of gray is yellow?

"At least it'll be cooler. And probably more people to compliment you."

Let's come back here in the fall!

"Wow, this is further than I've made it with anyone else, I think. We're going to stop by this rock, under the shade for a bit."

Keep. Going.

"No, Cheyenne, have some more water. You've just about emptied your Gulpy and I'll refill it. And — can't you just rest for a moment?"

No. Gotta keep going.

"Let me check the time … no, we've been out about an hour. That's enough for you, we're going to turn around. It'll probably take us about half the time to get down. But wait, before I do … I'm gonna try and get a timer picture of the two of us. Just have to balance camera on this rock …"

Where's that cool Gorillapod that M and D got you?

"Safely back at home with the camera bag. Just … OK, run over here with me … now!"

"What is so interesting at the edge of the trail? No — we're not going down the side of the mountain."

I don't know how I missed these sniffs before.

"OK, we're back to the lot. And, let me see … hey, it took almost an hour to get down. You were pretty distracted."

Yeah, so were you.

"I know, my mind was just elsewhere today. Here, finish off your water. Have some more treats."

I like that part of the hike best.


judykulak said...

Are you sure the best part is the treat and not the snooze when you get home?
Love that greyhound grin!

gary said...

thanks for using the quote marks...i was unsure which of you was talking...