More Cool Cars on the Plaza

Biking out of work last night, noticed another gathering of cars on the Plaza. Looks to be the annual vintage car show that accompanies Pancakes on the Plaza, usually on July 4, but probably rescheduled because the holiday's in the middle of the week.

Bear with me for just a few photos; this isn't becoming some sort of car photoblog.

A 1939 Tucker Hollywood, if I'm remembering that book on the hood correctly:

And this 1969 Charger just spoke to me. I don't know what it is about it, maybe the ultra-clean, smooth, shiny lines, but far and away the one I would choose to drive off in:

On the way out, passed by this guy. Not a part of the show; radio blaring, just heading home for the day:

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Click and Clack said...

You've just wasted a perfectly good hour...