Rob and Amanda Passing Through Santa Fe

We're missing Bubonicon this year, fortunately our friends Rob and Amanda were able to spend the day here on their way to the con. Rob's always a gracious host when we're in Austin, good to be able to turn the tables.

Fourteen hours straight through, they arrived early enough last night for dinner out at Blue Corn. I was off today, ready to show them the sights. When Amanda requested a walk up the mountains … well, that wasn't in my plans. I mean, I'd considered a day at Tent Rocks, but figured we'd go to museums, the Plaza, the Railyard, galleries. Y'know, Santa Fe. Well, sure, Aspen Vista's accessible and of a flexible length.

And we did wind up downtown later in the afternoon, for a good break and nice conversation at San Francisco, a quick run through the Palace of the Governors and History Museum, a pass around and beyond the Plaza.

But that couple hours out on Aspen Vista. It was rainy last night, and the clouds actually lingered into the morning. Uncharacteristically overcast and breezy starting out; that passed soon enough, but it was refreshing. Wandering along at our own paces, Amanda ranging out ahead, Rob examining the flora and (insect) fauna. Visiting and talking and joking. The fluctuation in light and temperature, but still the clear mountain air. Pushing on to that rock to stop and sit and look over the horizon. A more quiet descent. In a way, Santa Fe.

Update: for the Facebook-inclined, Amanda's photos are posted.

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