Day 336: A Close Call

Yesterday, actually kind of gray and cool and rainy. The thunderstorms started 'round 1:00 and, while they'd pretty much passed by evening walk time, Cheyenne emerged from hiding but was still having none of that.

Later, as she was finishing dinner leftovers, I got ready for her pre-bedtime outing. A quick pan with the flashlight … revealed a black and white furry thing in the far corner. By then, Cheyenne was outside — and, to her credit, stopped next to me when I told her "wait!"

My eyes still on the glowing eyes out in the yard, I herded her back to the door. Where she had no interest in going in; I had no interest arguing with her and even less in cleaning up after a skunking, so just carried her back in. She was not pleased with that.

With some urging, we got her out on a walk instead but, due to either the thunder-like sound of a passing plane or just general irritation with us, she cut it short and hurried home.

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