Photo by Gary from their recent visit; you be the judge if this relates to the post's title at all

This past week, Santa Fe was named the 16th worst-dressed city in America by GQ. Predictably, this being New Mexico, the news has been greeted … well, by not much, really. Mostly I'm just offended that the writeups aren't funnier and the photos rarely illustrate the point.

Santa Fe Style is a cliché, and playing off cities' stereotypes is easy and harmless. Sure, we got more cowboy boots and hats, bolo ties, long flowy outfits, turquoise, and big silver belts than most, but from where I sit, it's mostly kind of gear-y like Boulder, as well as plenty of dudes in brown flip-flops. Near my office, a good number of gray suits, and lots of tourists to skew the results. Last night at an art event* — on the lookout, thinking about this post — most of what was worn really could have been found anywhere; the teens, especially.

But at least we're not Boston.

* Working on that post next


andy said...

SO i read your link (regrettably) but as far I can tell, it was a humor piece not "style" as most of illustrations were from the 90's. except for the part of boston which was true.

andy said...

having said that, those outfits (see picture) arent helping.

Bram said...

Since the Santa Fe photo was taken at the History Museum, Mon and her co-workers were able to figure out the subject. It's apparently kind of her look, question is if she knew where that photo was going.

Or were you talking about our photo?

In any event -- yes, it's a humor piece, but kind of lacking in, y'know, humor.