Another Thanksgiving Dinner That Couldn't Be Beat


At Stacy + Jim's for dinner last night, along with Bernice and friends and dogs. Way late, having too much fun.

No chance of a hike today; snowing big flakes (though not sticking), cold, gray, miserable. And so the last of the leaves will sit, wet and cold, for at least another week as well. We'll emerge from the house in a couple hours to go tape the Mouth of Wonder Breakfast for Dinner Extravaganza,* to be broadcast on the 4th Saturday. With any luck, the material for this year's Rula calendar will have arrived by the time we leave.

And speaking of with any luck — there may actually be a new Raised By Squirrels posted by the end of the weekend.

* Preview: frittata; chile cheese waffles; cheesy grits with eggs; monte cristo sandwich

Update: it's on Saturday the 26th — KSFR.org at 10:30 MST, or you can find Mouth of Wonder at iTunes.

Update to the update: Now available at the MOW site.


Andy said...

67 here today. Giving at Jim+Tracy sounded great until I saw breakfast for dinner (had me at breakfast fir dinner, content over the moon).

Bram said...

And we made ourselves hungry talking about it. Will be broadcast tomorrow.