Signs of Autumn:

1. Cool enough to take the dog on a hike …

Dropped from the weeks of near-record heat to pretty cool yesterday. Mostly because of the clouds that, luckily. held their rain until we got home.

2. where the aspens are turning

The first sign of color up in the mountains.

3. A new birthday tshirt from Monica

She did the drawing this time, too.

4. Indian Market

A few weeks back; I biked over to catch the last hours.

5. Wildflowers blooming

And blocking the path to the back yard.

6. Jamie's annual gallery show

Traditional Jamie In Front Of His Painting portrait here.

7. Asking for Zozobra donations

You saw this, right?

8. Hummingbirds passing through

Not at our house. We haven't refilled the feeder since putting it out over a month ago. This is at Jim + Stacy's.

9. The arrival of the summer monsoons

Wait, what? The last month's more than quadrupled our annual rainfall. Still not even halfway to where we should be.

10. Bubonicon

Which we skipped this year, but Pete took pictures.

11. Anniversary evening out

Started with Chris lighting Monica's drink on fire.

12. Doing one giant post wrapping up the past weeks' worth of activities.


Stacy said...

Okay I need date reminders, how come we miss your birthdays and anniversary every year, we must be sucky friends

Bram said...

No, you're not. We're just low-key. Thanks for the birthday dinner.