Whoa. Last Wednesday already, The Pixies were in town as part of their Lost Cities Tour. Andy tipped me months ago; there was panic with an announcement of an immediate sellout, but we were able to get some of the last tickets a couple weeks later for us and Stacy and Jim.

So the deal was that it's the end of their Doolittle tour (the one that Dori saw last year), a live performance of the 20-year-old (!) album. For me, it's pretty much Surfer Rosa or nothing, but, hey, sure to be a good show.

We lingered over dinner at our place, then to the Convention Center, where we caught the end of The Imaginary Cities' quite-good set. Some milling about, and then the house lights dimmed. And Un Chien Andalou came up on the video screen. And then it went out. Started again. And then the Pixies came out on stage.

Kicked off with a couple B-sides — that they even admitted they didn't remember the A-sides they went to — and then launched into the album. Patter was, safe to say, at a minimum; Kim was in charge of addressing the crowd and, but for recurring commentary about the altitude, was pretty general.

But the sound was great. The way Frank and Kim's vocals played off each other has certainly lost none of its strength over the years, and was even better live. Best was, though, the wall of sound that the group produced, tight rhythm that you felt in your bones. Couldn't help but feel the energy.

With two encores, including a few Surfer Rosa tunes, wrapped up by 10:30.

Update: photos from closer to the stage at Santa Fe Reporter.

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