Two Months Later

No, we're not re-posting photos of the trip out here. That's a photo sent to me by Tom and Kerrie of Mullany Art Studios, the folks who did the painting of Colonial Village that we commissioned — the one that was damaged in the move.

Tom had just finished the retouching the day before they headed out west, by way of Cadillac Ranch: "We were there for a short time and I just looked up to read some of the graffiti and this was practically the first thing I saw!!!"

So, thanks to Tom and Kerrie for the photo, and thanks for the painting — it looks great. We're still undecided if it will hang above or just sit on the mantel:


jraphael said...

If you hang it, it means your putting down roots. If it just leans on the mantle, it means you're open to packing up and heading back east.

monica said...

Can't have a back door, Alfred. Might be tempted to use it.