P&T&A (&T&K&J&J&J) In New Mexico

As previously mentioned Paul and Tess and little Audrey have come to Santa Fe from Minnesota. Traveling with them was also Tess' mom Trish (from Key West, by way of Minnesota). And in advance, was her brother Kelly and sister-in-law Julie (also from Minnesota), and Julie's sister Jodie and brother-in-law John (from Colorado Springs).

Kelly, Julie, Jodie, and John arrived in town Friday night, so we met up with them Saturday afternoon, while Paul, Tess, Audrey and Trish were coming in from Tucumcari. The first order of business was food, preferably of the New Mexican variety. The Blue Corn Café, just across from the hotel, took care of that. Quite well.

With a litte time to kill, we took the group on down to Jackalope. Always good fun.

The travelers made it in, and capitalizing on momentum, we turned around and headed to the Plaza. For a couple hours, we ranged about, poking around stores and soaking in the Santa Fe-ness of it all.

A couple hours was our limit. Sitting, and more food, was in order. So, to Zia Diner. Most folks were pretty well worn out and turned in early, but we managed to spend some time that evening catching up with P&T back at our place.

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Anonymous said...

We finally made it to Santa Fe on Saturday after two and a half days on the road from Winona. Audrey has been a champ all the way with minimal fussing and plenty of singing, reading stories, looking for cows, and the occasional pit stop for a fresh diaper. We took the Great Southern Route via Des Moines, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Tucumcari, Las Vegas, and on into Santa Fe. We strayed from the interstate from time to time to drive on "The Mother Road," old Route 66. In places in Texas we could still drive on the original concrete two-lane with the cool WPA era bridges.

Looking forward to soaking in all of the Santa Fe-ness.

Paul (retro posted on Monday, JULY 4)