How Do You Capture Lightning?

Not with a camera.

It's dark, the winds are gusting, maybe more than twenty miles an hour at a time. The lightning flickers off all around the horizon, your eyes jumping from flash to flash. Sometimes, you can see the bolts jump across the clouds. Every couple of minutes, it's as bright as day for a split second — maybe it's then you see the outlines of the clouds that hang overhead and can get a picture of what the sky looks like. The thunder, occasional.

Then it picks up. As does the wind. The rain, patters down at first, then beats down in sheets. More frequent flashes accompany the louder rumbles. A brief moment of hail.

More flashes.


jraphael said...

"the rain on my chest is a baptism...:

Mel said...

Wow is all I can say...the power and beauty all in one is a pretty potent thing -- we had the worst thunder and lightning I think I've ever heard in my life the other day and I spent 20 years in South Florida with daily afternoon thunderstorms....it was SO LOUD my heart jumped, literally...it took Blue about 6 hours to recover.