Okay, so ever since Liz asked, I've been trying to get a photo of a hummer. They're around, usually in the morning, but I even saw one while I was having lunch out on the balcony (not 3 feet from where I was sitting — it stopped and fed at both pensetmons — super cool!). They usually zizz by, check out the tall, red things, then over to the neighbor's feeder. I've never been quick enough, or near enough with the camera to get off a good shot, though.

Last night (can you tell this was becoming an obsession?), I actually dreamed about sitting on the balcony, taking pix of the hummingbirds. So this morning, I staked out. Saw many, many hummers (or maybe the same 3 over and over), and finally got a photo:

So there you go, Liz. Now I can sit and watch them... without the camera! :)


AJ said...

Hmmm. I took the time to Photoshop the previous image of the cat with the humming bird in his mouth. It's moderately funny. Since I cant seem to post the work, I submit this comment so you may imagine this ghastly photo potential (although is that cat fast enough? He looks fat.)

monica said...

the cat looks fat, but it might be mostly fur. it's one of those fluffy types. the neighbors have another, the same color, but short-haired. they're kinda like abbot + costello.

you should be able to post a link to your retouched masterpiece, if it's on a web server somewhere... otherwise, I'd say email it to Bram.

Liz said...

I am absolutely wowed! Very impressive. Great photo. You are the most talented person I know! Now I'm not so sorry I issued that challenge and led you down the road of obsession.

monica said...

and, don't worry about it! if it wasn't the hummingbird photo, I'm sure I would have been obsessing about something else.

Sherry said...

Can you please post aj's picture? pretty please!

Anj said...

Hi Guys! Glad I've tracked you down. Looks like the move has gone well, and you're settled in!
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